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Interview to Emily Epstein by Dahlia Attia-King, Founder of Panacea

Emily Epstein: How Genetic Testing Saved My Life

Genetic testing saved Emily’s life. Emily was fortunate that she has one of the three BRCA mutations that 23andMe tests for, but she now knows there are thousands of BRCA mutations that exist and are missed by most direct-to-consumer genetic tests like 23andMe. She guides people to consider clinical genetic testing so that they can receive a truly useful and comprehensive test. Emily feels that Panacea’s greatest value is that it enables people to view their body’s “roadmap” and empowers people to make life-saving decisions for themselves in a way that few other companies do.

Dr. Nia Bailey: Radiation, Cancer and Genetics

Dr. Nia Bailey, a radiation therapist, observed a disturbing new trend in her patients: many of them were women in their 20s and 30s with breast cancer. Cancer occurrence before 50 is a sign that there might be some genetic factors playing a role. While some of them received genetic testing, their tests were not comprehensive and may have just covered BRCA 1/2. Most people are unaware that MANY genes beyond BRCA 1/2 are known to be involved in breast and other cancers. Testing negative for BRCA 1/2 does not mean your cancer is not genetic; it simply means there may be another gene involved in your cancer. Today, there are thousands of genes that science has understood to cause disease. Screening all of your genes with Whole Exome Sequencing leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your genetic risks. 

Interview to Dr. Nia Beiley by Dahlia Attia-King, Founder of Panacea